martedì 14 giugno 2011

Look #345

On Valentina Inaka
Skin: (AMD) Teegan - Tan - Naturals 1
Eyes: -Sorry Asia- Never.More eyes -indigo-
Hair: Exile Reva/twilight mix
Face Tatto: [GLUE INK]*~ Pokie Dots Face Tattoo~*
Necklace: ~Pepper~ Sneakers Necklace
Top: jane.intrinsic.tank.wh milk
Belt: ~Pepper~ Baggieh Belt
Leggings: ::LEO-NT:: DOTTY<3 Leggings [white]
Shoes: 2REAL - PURE

On Cobra Barbasch
Skin:-Sorry Asia- London (Goatee) T3 New
 Eyes:-Sorry Asia- Dark.Side eyes (sand)
Hair:*DROT*- The Josh- Black Ice
Pant:Loose SweatPants Black BLK2.0 Prod
Shoes:PURE 1.3(2REAL)
Belt:[ATOMIC] Music Belt
Necklace:~Pepper~ Sneakers Necklace New
Tatoo:[GLUE INK] Karma
Gloves:BroGear - Armwarmers (BLACK)
Tatoo face:[GLUE INK] *~Mafia Latro Face TaT~*
Couple pose:CnS Vintage Radio (Copy/Mod)


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